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Boiler Installation in Kent

At FixLink, we believe that a warm home is a happy home. Considering that your boiler is the heart of your central heating system, you will understand how it’s of utmost importance that your boiler is kept up to date and working correctly. Having regular inspections every twelve months ensures that your boiler is working well and in the best shape possible. However, you may need a new boiler, and we can help with that too. In this article, we discuss a boiler installation in Kent with FixLink.

If you are in need of having your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, then Mark at FixLink can help. FixLink can service your boiler if you are in the Kent, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, or surrounding area. You can find out more about boiler servicing here. Or you contact us by calling or emailing.

However, when it comes to replacing your old boiler, we understand how difficult and complex the process of a new boiler installation can be. So, let us take you through the basic factors you should prioritise when choosing a new boiler for your home.

Boiler Installation in Kent: Index

1. How Much Does a New Boiler Cost?

2. Do I Need a New Boiler?

3. 5 Things to Consider When Buying a New Boiler

4. The Types of Boilers

5. The Brands of Boilers

6. What Boiler Size Should you Get?

7. Worcester Bosch and Their Boilers

8. FixLink are Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers

9. The Best Worcester Bosch Boilers

10. Cost of Worcester Bosch Boilers

11. Things to Consider with your New Boiler Installation in Kent

12. How to Ensure Your Engineer is Gas Safe Registered

13. 10 Tips to Keep Your New Boiler Maintained

14. To Conclude: Boiler Installation in Kent


How Much Does a New Boiler Cost?

When considering a purchase and installation of a new boiler one of the first questions that come to mind is ‘how much will it cost?’.

Whilst, having a new boiler installation can be costly, we at FixLink believe it’s an investment that is worth making. Ensuring that your home and family have warm water and effective heating means your house will be a more comfortable place to live. For a boiler alone, prices can range from as little as £450 up to around £4500.

The cost of installation is added to the cost of the boiler. However, when you receive a free boiler installation quote from FixLink, we include everything in your quotation price. There are no hidden fees.

Other factors that will need to be addressed when purchasing and installing a new boiler size of the house, type of boiler chosen, complexity of the installation. Here at FixLink, we offer top-rated Worcester Bosh accredited installations at competitive prices.

For further information about getting a new boiler installation click the button below.

Do I Need a New Boiler?

By this point you’re probably wondering whether or not you need a new boiler, below we will take you through some factors you may consider when deciding if it’s time for you to have a new boiler installation.

Cold House

If your current central heating system isn’t meeting your current needs, leaving you more often than not with a cold house and cold water. Then it may be time to consider installing a new boiler.

High Energy Bills

Maybe not a millionaire, but you’d probably be better off if you weren’t wasting money on an unreliable heating system that struggles to heat your home and needs constant repairing. In some cases, it’s actually more cost-effective to replace your boiler. Saving you that much-needed cash and peace of mind that your new boiler installation will heat your home for the next 10-15 years.

Energy Efficient

Most old boilers are less than 70 percent efficient. This means that for every £1 you spend on fueling your home, 30 pence of that is wasted. Not good for the planet or your wallet!

Over 10 Years Old

On average most boiler installations last between 10-15 years, so if your boiler is coming up to that age then it may be time for you to consider having a new boiler installed.

Bad smells

Boilers should never emit any smells, if your boiler is making a foul odour is a sure sign that your boiler needs immediate attention. A sour scent can also be a sign of a gas leak. If this is the case please contact Gas Emergency Services on 0800 111 9999.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a New Boiler

When choosing your new boiler, there are several different things that you should take into account to ensure you are choosing the right one. If you choose the wrong type of boiler, you could face many problems. However, Mark at FixLink will be able to help and advise on the best boilers for your home. You can then choose one to suit your budget and needs.

1. Size of Boiler

The size of the boiler and the kW output is one of the main factors to consider when purchasing a new boiler for your home. The output is generally reliant on how many radiators and bathrooms are present in your home. The more places you need to be heated the higher the central heating demands on your house, thus you may need a boiler with a higher kW watt output.

2. Location of Boiler

When it comes to the appearance of your house, the location of your boiler could impact the area significantly, therefore considering a suitable place for the heart of your house to live is highly important. Often homeowners will opt to save time and money by replacing their new boiler in the location where the old boiler was before. This will also allow a quick and easy installation.


3. When to have it Installed

Before the installation of your new boiler, you will need to consider how long the job will take. A boiler installation can take between 1 to 5 days depending on the amount of work that is required. So, considering how many days you could potentially be without central heating would be an excellent idea, allowing you to make plans to make the transition as painless as possible. We at FixLink pride ourselves on our Gas Safe friendly and reliable engineers who aim to finish all installations in a professional timely manner.

4. Level of Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient boiler allows you to make potentially big savings on your energy bills. As previously stated in this article most old boilers have less than 70 percent efficiency. Some sources state that replacing a G-Rated boiler in a semidetached property with an A-rated boiler could save the owner up to £210 in annual energy bills.

5. The Company to Use

When it comes to actually have the work done, you need to make sure that you choose a Gas Safe registered engineer. At FixLink Mark is a Gas Safe Registered engineer. We are also accredited with Which Trusted Traders, NICEIC Domestic Installer, and Worcester Bosch. When it comes to choosing the central heating system that is right for you. We believe listening to the customer’s needs in an effort to advise them on what heating products are right for them is the only way forward.

We only use manufacturers, products, and materials that are market-leading brands and that have been tested and used for years, giving you peace of mind that the best possible quality product at the right price for you is heating your home. If you would like further information or would like to discuss a possible new boiler installation then please contact us here.

The Types of Boilers

There are 3 main types of boilers that you will come across on your search for a new boiler: the system boiler, the combi boiler, and the conventional boiler.


System Boiler

System boilers require a hot water storage cylinder, but not a water tank. Actually, many of the components needed are built into the system, making installation quick and painless. System boilers also have the added benefit of being able to be used in conjunction with solar heating systems, which will help you reduce your ecological footprint and reduce your energy bills.

Pros of the system boiler:

– Economical running cost

– Small space-saving design

– Energy efficient

Cons of the system boiler:

– The size of the tank dictates how much water you use

– Require insulation

– Waiting for water to reheat if it runs out

Combi Boiler

This is probably the most common cost-effective choice for most homes. The combi system heats both the water and the central heating. This energy-efficient approach to heating your home is a top choice for those who are more environmentally conscious. The combi system will heat the water directly from the mains and whenever a tap is turned on.

This means you can have unlimited hot water as you require it. There’s also no need for a cylinder or water tank which can save space and help reduce heating bills. Still to this day, the Combi is one of the most popular choices for home heating in the UK.

Pros of the combi boiler:

– Responds to tap usage and temperature

– No waiting time for water and central heating

– Small and compact, excellent for homes with less available space

– Water delivery method directly from the mains

– Easier to install and maintain

– No loft space needed

– Powerful showers without a pump

Cons of the combi boiler:

– Not possible to run multiple baths or showers at once

– Leaks can cause loss of water pressure

– Not great for large homes

– Requires a good level of pressure to function correctly

Conventional Boiler

The conventional or traditional boilers are constructed with both a cylinder and a water storage tank. Possibly not the best choice for those concerned about space, a conventional boiler can supply large amounts of hot water to multiple bathrooms at the same time. This makes Conventional boilers an excellent choice for those with a larger home to heat. This style of unit is also best suited for those homes that already have a traditional heating system in place.

Pros of the conventional boiler:

– Multiple bathroom use at the same time

– Ideal for homes in low-pressure water areas

– Energy efficiency is high as conventional boilers are compatible with solar thermal systems

Cons of the conventional boiler:

– Hot water needs time to warm up

– Installation is more expensive and complicated, due to having to install both a tank and cylinder

– Not space-efficient

The Brands of Boilers

Now we’ve taken a brief look at the different types of boilers and explained the advantages and disadvantages of each, it’s time to take you through the major brands of boiler that are on offer in the UK.


Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch has an extremely long and trusted history when it comes to boilers. Likely the only brand you may recognise here. With several of their boilers receiving Which Best Buy Awards for more than 10 consecutive years. When you’re talking about Worcester Bosh, you’re talking about customer service and excellent aftercare.

Worcester Bosch Boilers offer great all-round heat capabilities to their award-winning formula and that’s why they’re the number one choice from us here at FixLink.


Vaillant is another boiler brand that can boast of having a Which Best Buy award. This alone should tell you that they are indeed a quality brand when it comes to boilers. The UK founded Vaillant offers a 10-year warranty and a variety of boiler sizes and types.


Established in 1906 in Kingston upon Hull, Ideal has a long and storied history of creating ideal boilers for homes across the UK. Ideal offers a comprehensive range of boilers and have an option that will fit all sizes of wallet and home.

What Boiler Size Should you Get?

When considering what type and brand of boiler to choose for your home size is another definite factor, below we’ve listed a few factors that will influence your choice when thinking about the size of your new boiler installation.

Size of Home

When choosing a new boiler, the size of your home will help inform your decision in some ways. As already discussed above larger houses will often have conventional heating systems, while a smaller home may well only need a Combi boiler.

Amount of bathrooms

Tying into the size of your house, how many bathrooms you have, and the number of radiators you need to heat the home will help when making your decision.

Use of water

Lastly looking at how much water your household is using and may want to use in the future will help guide you toward your decision.

Leave It to the Professionals

We’ve explained some of the basic things you need to consider when looking at what type and brand of the boiler are right for you. However, if you’re still unsure about what to do. We at FixLink are Worcester Bosh accredited installers who offer a reliable, dependable customer-focused service every time. If you’re thinking of installing a new boiler in your home in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Crowborough, Edenbridge, and all surrounding areas in Kent and East Sussex, then we want to hear from you!

At FixLink, we will help YOU choose the best boiler for you and your home. Mark, our Gas Safe Registered Engineer, will be available to advise you on the boiler size that is best for your home, all depending on the factors discussed above.

Worcester Bosch and Their Boilers

We know that choosing a new heating system can be a difficult and complicated decision to make. And with all of the options available on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. We have been installation Worcester Bosch boilers for our happy customer in Kent for many years.

At FixLink, the brand of boiler we install the most is Worcester Bosch. They are the UK’s largest manufacturer of boilers. And have been a part of the landscape of quality boiler suppliers in the UK since 1962. They are the number one boiler that we recommend as they are reliable and cost-effective.

Worcester Bosch has over 50 years of experience in creating boilers for all ranges: gas, LPG, and oil. Also, they have won the Which Best Buy award for more than 10 consecutive years in a row. This makes Worcester Bosch boilers the top choice for homes across the country. Below we discuss the best Worcester Bosch boilers as well as the boiler installation cost for one in Kent and the surrounding areas.

Being a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer means that a Gas Safe engineer has undergone further training from the boiler manufacturer on installation and aftercare of their specific products.

Making you sure you have a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer means that you can choose a local independent company with confidence. Not only that but, buying your boiler from an accredited installer could mean that you receive a longer labour guarantee than you may get elsewhere.

For example, we offer the new award-winning Worcester Bosch 8000 life boiler with an amazing 12-year guarantee on the boiler, heating system filter, and controls when all components are installed together. An annual service must be carried out on your boiler to ensure the guarantee is still valid.

The Best Worcester Bosch Boilers

At FixLink, we pride ourselves on a reliable, dependable, and professional service every time. That is why with a new boiler installation in Kent, you can be guaranteed that you are getting the best service. We want to only put the best boilers in your home, and we highly recommend a Worcester Bosch Boiler. Below, we will discuss the best Worcester Bosch boilers and their different features.

GreenStar 8000 Life

Whether you’re choosing a combi, system, or regular boiler the Greenstar 8000 Life is an excellent choice as it’s available with the longest guarantee ever offered by Worcester Bosch. It comes with a 12-year guarantee. You can see why this is a popular choice with anyone looking at the Worcester Bosch for their choice of a new boiler.

The Greenstar 8000 is built upon the award-winning design of the Greenstar CDi Classic. The GreenStar 8000 Life is one of the most powerful wall-hung boilers. The boiler features a modern and sleek new design, upgraded controls, and wireless connectivity. Making it modern and accessible to everyone.


Greenstar 8000 Style

This boiler is built upon the mighty award-winning foundations of the Greenstar brand, the style system offers even greater connectivity. A perfect choice for homes of all sizes, this very capable unit has the ability to heat large rooms with two or more bathrooms. It also features the Bosch EasyControl Thermostat, allowing you to adjust the temperature in your house via your phone or tablet.

This boiler is only available in system and combi systems.

GreenStar i

Available as combi or system boilers the GreenStar i is one of the current most popular boilers on the market. The GreenStar i features simple user-friendly controls that have a clear display. The Greenstar I also comes with up to a 10-year guarantee if installed by an accredited installer. This model is also compatible with the EasyControl Thermostat and when combined this system can achieve an A+ ErP efficiency rating for heating a home.

GreenStar Ri (9kw to 24kw)

This compact, wall-mounted regular boiler is perfect for small to medium-sized homes. It’s also the best-selling Worcester Bosch regular (conventional) boiler. And it comes with a 10-year guarantee when installed by an accredited installer. The Greenstar Ri features a simple to use intuitive control knob and is suitable for homes where the heating system includes a hot water cylinder.

Cost of Worcester Bosch Boilers

When it comes to the price of the boiler that is right for you, you need to take into account how many bathrooms you wish to heat, how many taps you’re likely to run at once, and how many radiators you have in your home.

On average Worcester Bosch Boilers can range in price from £750 -£3,500 or more, depending on the factors we’ve highlighted above. And you also need to factor in the cost of having an engineer carry out the work. If you would like for information on our charges please click here.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with FixLink and we will be happy to answer any queries or questions you may have. The best way to find out the cost of a new boiler installation in Kent is to get a free quotation from us. There is no obligation to go ahead with us after your quotation, however, we offer the best service in the area and have many happy customers.

Things to Consider with your New Boiler Installation in Kent

At FixLink, we’ve been repairing boilers and carrying out new boiler installations in Kent and the surrounding areas for many years. So, we understand that choosing a boiler can be a stressful time. Here are some factors you may want to consider before you plan to have a boiler installed on your property.


Best Time to Get a New Boiler

When it comes to the potential expense of having a new boiler installed there probably isn’t a ‘right time’. Obviously, in life, nothing is guaranteed, especially the weather in the UK. However, when you’re considering what time of year may be the best for you to have a new boiler installed, you’ll probably be considering the spring or summer. And whilst it is true that boiler engineers can be busy in the spring and summer with installations, many issues with boilers will probably arise in the winter.

Having to have a new boiler installed two days before Christmas is certainly the sort of expense and problem you could live without, but unfortunately, it happens every Christmas to somebody somewhere. Also, bear in mind that during the colder months engineers will often become fully booked quickly, which may well impact your choice of available engineers.

Booking in the spring or summer allows you more freedom to have the work fit alongside your schedule and allows you not to be cold in the interim period while the work is completed.

Get Your New Boiler in Spring or Summer

Below we’ve highlighted the main benefits of having a boiler replaced in the spring or summer.

Engineers Are Less Busy. Although new installations are happening all the time, the summer months are generally quieter than the winter. The winter months will see lots of boiler breakdowns and burst pipe, this will obviously impact the time available to any engineer.

The Weather is Not Cold. Having something go wrong with your boiler in the middle of winter can obviously mean devastation for any potential festive plans and some very uncomfortable cold nights for any little ones in the house whilst there’s no boiler. Having an installation in the spring and summer months can obviously alleviate most of these issues.

No Rushed Decisions. If you’re cold you may well not be making the best decisions, making the decision to get a new boiler in the spring and summer months allows you the freedom to spend a bit more time choosing the right system for you. Although,
most engineers will be more than happy to help guide you through to what the right decision is for you.

Less Risk Of Winter Breakdowns. Having a new boiler installed during the spring or summer will lower the risk of potential breakdowns during the winter.

Who to Contact for a New Boiler

The purchase of your boiler is usually organised by your local engineer and purchased alongside the installation. This is known as being Accredited. There are several benefits to having a local accredited engineer install your new boiler.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the benefits of choosing a local engineer to have your new boiler installation in Kent.

– Accredited Installation

Purchasing your new boiler from a Gas Safe Registered Accredited installer means that your boiler has been installed by an engineer who has been trained by the boiler manufacturer to install their boilers. It’s a mark of approval or seal of quality, a way for you to know that you’re having your boiler installed to the highest standard possible.

– Boiler Guarantee

Having your boiler installed by an accredited installer can mean that you’ll receive a greater guarantee on the boiler and installation than may have been possible elsewhere. Currently, we’re offering the award Worcester Bosch 8000 Lifeline with an amazing 12-year manufacturer guarantee. And when you’re looking at the details of purchasing boilers a guarantee that covers that amount of time is a detail that’s worth paying attention to.

– Easier to Reach

Another benefit of choosing a local accredited engineer to purchase and install a new boiler for property is that they can oftentimes a local engineer can be easier to get hold of in a sticky situation and because they are local, they’ll likely be able to reach sooner in your hour of need.

– Personalised Service

Many of the larger nationwide companies engineers may not have the time or knowledge to be able to advise you on what boiler is right for you. Here at FixLink we provide a customer-focused experience and guarantee you will receive a dependable, reliable, and professional experience every time.

How to Ensure Your Engineer is Gas Safe Registered

When looking at the details about boilers and having a new boiler installed it’s highly important that ensure your engineer is Gas Safe Registered. The Gas Safe Register is a national body for official gas registration and replaces the CORGI registration. The Gas safe register governs the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, and Guernsey.

All Gas Safe engineers will have a list of the work they are qualified to do on the back of their ID card. Most engineers will be qualified in several different areas when it pertains to gas, plumbing, and potentially electrical work too. All Gas Safe Engineers will be able to show an ID if requested.

The below image demonstrates what a Gas Safe ID card looks like.


Some key points to look out for are:

– The image of the engineer matches up

– The start and expiry date

– Gas Safe logo hologram

– A unique license number

Before the boiler installation, you can also check your engineer is Gas Safe Registered by using their online checker tool here.

10 Tips to Keep Your New Boiler Maintained

We’ve been providing boiler installation and maintenance services in Kent and the surrounding areas for many years. And we often have people ask us about what tips we have to help maintain a new boiler?

So, if you’ve just had a new boiler installed in your home and you’re looking for some simple ways to keep that new boiler maintained then follow the ten tips below. Although employing a professional Gas Safe engineer to service your gas boiler once a year is a minimum requirement, there are several simple things you can do yourself to keep your boiler in tip-top condition.

Here are our 10 tips:

1. Annual Service

This may seem obvious and that’s because it’s the most important thing you can do to keep your new boiler maintained. Gas safe engineers can spot defects and problems with your boiler and having a regular yearly service will help ensure that your new boiler is running as efficiently as possible.


2. Bleed Radiators

Bleeding out your radiators is a fantastic and very simple way to ensure that your radiators are all working to their full potential. Bleeding your radiator will help prevent or solve cold spots in your radiators. The ideal time to bleed your radiators is just before the cold weather arrives. Bleeding your radiators in the autumn months will enable you to have the heating system working to its full potential ensuring that it is as efficient as possible when you need it the most.

How to Bleed A Radiator

Just in case you’ve never had to bleed a radiator before we’ve constructed some simple instructions to help guide you through the process.

● Take a radiator key, if you don’t own one, one can be purchased from your local DIY store. You will also need a cloth.
● Turn off the Heating.
● Use the key to turn the valve at the top of the radiator, using the cloth to catch any water that may come out.
● Keep the valve open until air stops ‘hissing’ out and water appears.

3. Balance

This ties into bleeding your radiators although, the process isn’t as simple. The process ensures that all the radiators distribute the same amount of heat. As previously stated this process isn’t as simple as bleeding your radiators and may require A gas safe engineer to complete the task.

4. Regular Use

Turning on your boiler regularly (At least once a month) will help ensure the boiler is running smoothly and efficiently. Just like an old car that has sat too long, your boiler needs to be run regularly to keep all the parts moving correctly and minimise any chance of potential breakdowns.

5. Don’t Cover Up

Making sure that there isn’t any clutter or blockages around the boiler’s vents is another, simple but, the effective thing you can do to keep your new boiler maintained. Keeping the airflow around the vents open and checking the outside exhaust to ensure blockages haven’t occurred could help prevent a devastating failure down the line.

6. Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Getting a carbon monoxide alarm is actually quite an effective (average units cost between £15-£30) method of ensuring that nothing is going wrong with your boiler. And having the alarm will help prevent you from getting carbon monoxide poisoning in the event that a problem does occur.

7. Condensate Pipes Frozen

When the temperature goes below zero the external condensate pipes can freeze, this can be a sign of blockage that may cause the boiler to breakdown, to prevent this ensuring that the pipes are insulated with foam insulation. In a pinch wrapping, the pipes will towels can help to keep your condensate pipes insulated.

8. Blue Flame

If your boiler flame is visible, you can check its colour. You’re looking for a strong blue colour. If you see an orange or yellow colour in the flame this is a sign that there is something not right inside your boiler. It is recommended that you shut the system off and contact a gas safe engineer immediately.

9. Check the Pressure

Keeping an eye on the pressure in your boiler is another top tip when it comes to keeping your new boiler maintained. Most systems will run between one and two bars, anything under this you may well have to repressurise your boiler.

10. Leave it to a Professional

If you encounter an issue with your boiler, do not try to fix it yourself! ALWAYS call a gas safe engineer. It’s their job to know how to maintain and repair boiler systems. If you’re concerned about a potential gas leak please contact the National Gas Emergency service on 0800 111 999.

To Conclude: Boiler Installation in Kent

Here at FixLink, we know choosing a new boiler can be quite a daunting task, with so many different types and brands of boiler on the market it’s enough to make your head spin. We hope this guide to a new boiler installation in Kent has helped you choose a new boiler for your home. There are many different things to consider when choosing your new boiler installation including the type, the brand, and the cost of your new boiler.

If you are still undecided on the boiler you need, we can help and advise on the best boiler for you and your home. Feel free to get in touch with Mark at FixLink by calling on 07943 504 255 or using our contact form here. He will be able to advise on the best boiler and one that suits your budget.

Mark has many years of experience in installing boilers and has many happy customers. You can take a look at previous reviews from customers here in our testimonials. He is Gas Safe Registered, so you are guaranteed to have a safe and legal boiler installation by a qualified engineer. As well as being a Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer you can put your mind at ease that your new boiler installation in Kent is the best installation possible.