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Cost of a New Boiler Installation in Sevenoaks

It might be time for you to buy a new boiler this year if your old one is not working or your energy bills have begun to creep up. Generally, boilers need replacing every 10-15 years. At FixLink, we have years of experience in installing and servicing boilers. We can help you with the process, including finding out the cost of a new boiler installation in Sevenoaks.

What Are my Options?

There are a wide variety of boilers available in the market to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The type you choose to install should be able to meet your requirements and be within your budget. If you swap an old boiler for a newer, more energy-efficient model, you will be saving a lot on energy bills. This will, in time, make up for the cost of your new boiler installation.

Depending on the kind of fuel they use, we can classify boilers into the following categories:

Gas boilers: Considered the most popular kind of boilers across the world, they run on natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). These are a great option if your house is connected to the gas supply line.

Electric boilers: Thesy are 100% energy-efficient and are quiet boilers. They don’t take much time to heat up but only come with a small power output. Therefore they are only suitable for smaller properties. Electric boilers are not in high demand as they are more expensive to run than gas boilers.

What is the Cost of a New Boiler Installation in Sevenoaks?

Getting a heating system overhaul is a two-step process that comprises purchasing the new boiler and getting it installed.

New boilers cost between £900 and £2500. The price depends on the model, design, manufacturer, capacity, and energy ratings. The latest, high-performing ones will cost more than older designs. But their energy efficiency of the new ones will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Coming to the second part of the process, the cost of a new boiler installation in Sevenoaks generally ranges from £800 to £2000. This varies depending upon:

– Whether you are installing a boiler similar to your existing one

– Your home design

– If you are installing the new device in the same location as your previous one

– Whether the existing pipelines, the condensate and a boiler flue systems need upgrades to match the requirements of the new boiler

– Also, in many instances a size of the gas pipe to the new boiler needs to be upgraded

To put it simply, the more straightforward the installation, the less it will cost. Therefore, the cheapest cost of new boiler installation is applicable when putting in a boiler like the existing one in the same place in your house.

Can I Get Government Funding?

Recently, the UK has taken many measures to encourage people to live a more sustainable life. The aim of this move was to reduce the country’s carbon footprint. The government offers incentives to those buying energy-efficient appliances including boilers. If you opt to install a boiler eligible for such grants, this will cut down on the cost of a new boiler installation. Depending on annual income, families can also apply for free boiler replacements. You can find out more about the Government Funding here.

Post-installation Care

Boilers are expensive and you cannot get a new one every few years. So to make sure you get money’s worth of services from the one you install, you need to get it serviced and maintain it. A well-maintained boiler is sure to run without hitches for many years. This will save you money on repairs, and recover the installation cost in a short time. You must ensure that you get your boiler serviced once a year.

To Conclude: Cost of a New Boiler Installation in Sevenoaks

If you are thinking of an overhaul of your heating system, give us a call. FixLink would be happy to help you with recommendations and the cost of a new boiler installation in Sevenoaks. Mark Anderson, our Gas Safe engineer can even do a site visit if you live in or around Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, and Tonbridge. They will give you a reasonable estimate of expenses after inspecting your home.