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How to Get The Best Boiler Installation

Having a new boiler installed in your home takes careful planning and also advice from a registered heating engineer. With a boiler being the most used appliance in your home, getting the right one is very important. Therefore it will take a partnership of customer and heating engineer to make this happen. At FixLink we advise many customers on a daily basis about boiler installations. In our latest article we focus on how to get the best boiler installation.

What Is Boiler Installation

Boiler installation is the process of having a registered heating engineer enter your home and fit a whole new boiler system. How in depth this process goes will be solely dependent on what work you have agreed to have completed. The accuracy and quality of your installation is going to be very important to limit any breakdowns, or issues occurring over time. Therefore it is important to select the right engineer.

How To Get The Best Boiler Installation

Now we understand what boiler installation is, we need to look at how to get the best version of this. It is vital that boiler installation is done correctly as this will help to ensure your home is heated effectively and efficiently, as well as prolong the lifespan of your boiler. The heating engineer you choose is going to be the expert, however some of our suggestions include doing some research yourself. Some of the best ways on how to get the best boiler installation include the following:

Do Your Research

The first place to start is to conduct some research. This does not mean you need to be a heating expert as you leave this to the engineers. But having an understanding of the process, or maybe even what boilers are going to be best for you. By having this knowledge and understanding you can ensure that you feel comfortable with what you are being told, and also ensure that what work is being carried out is beneficial for your home.

Find The Right Engineer

Once you have completed your research you now need to look at finding the right engineer. With many options it is key to look at their previous reviews and also who and what they are accredited by/for. This will give you an understanding of their level of experience, and also expertise within their chosen field. 

At FixLink we pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our team are trained to the highest levels of industry standards. This is done through continually updating our knowledge of our industry, alongside our vast practical knowledge. 

Tell Them About Your Home

Once you have found the engineer that you want to use or at least speak to then you will need to tell them about your home. By doing this you can give them a better understanding of how often your boiler is used and also any future plans you have for your home e.g. an extension or renovations. Some of the questions you need to consider include the following:

• How do you use your hot water?

• Do you have a pumped power shower, or have plans for one in the future>

• Do your hot water requirements change throughout the year?

• What home improvements are you planning?

The questions above will help the engineer to form a better understanding of what may be best suited to your home and also requirements.

Ask The Engineer Questions

Once you have found the right engineer, do not be afraid to ask them questions about what they suggest. The engineers you engage with will be experienced and accredited in all of the areas they need to be. The knowledge they have is therefore used to assess if they are going to be able to complete what you need. If you are happy with what they say, then you can look to progress this process on to a quotation.

Get A Quotation

Once you have spoken to a heating engineer about the work that has been completed, you need to get a quote. This quote will cover all of the work that has been agreed, and will include costs for all parts of the installation process. Some of the key areas that must be included are as follows:

– The Make Model And Price. There will be a full explanation to what boiler is going to be installed and what is recommended. Any extra controls that are going to be used are also utilised.

– The Location Of The Boiler. This will be a breakdown of where the boiler is going to be located be that in a new area or where it is currently is. If it does need to be moved then this will also be detailed.

– Water Treatment will be dependent on the age of your boiler when you have a new system installed. Water treatment is useful pre-installation to ensure that no contaminants affect the working of the new boiler.

– Overview Of Work (Labour Cost). You will get an overview of the work that needs to be carried out for your new boiler installation. You will receive a quotation. This will cover the cost of the boiler and labour.

– Post Installation Checks. This should not incur any extra costs to the overall quote, however is detailed to ensure that the necessary checks are carried out once your system has been installed. This will likely include checks to the radiators, boiler internals and also pipework.

– Full Explanation Of Warranty in which you are receiving in relation to the boiler in which you have installed. As well as cost and process of yearly boiler servicing.

To Conclude: How to Get The Best Boiler Installation

Understanding how to get the best boiler installation is key. To which we have shown in the above areas. Having done some research along with your heating engineer you will be in a great position to have a new boiler installed within your home. Your boiler is a key component of your home so ensuring it works well and efficiently is key.

At FixLink Mark is a specialist heating engineer with a key focus on boiler installations. For more information on our process and services please do Contact Us.