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The Guide to Boiler Servicing with FixLink

A boiler service is important to keep your boiler working well and efficiently. Read the guide to boiler servicing with FixLink and Mark, a Gas Safe Engineer.

What is a Boiler Service?

When people purchase a new boiler to have installed in their home, most think that’s it. Unless something goes wrong with it, it’s just there in their home, heating the radiators and water, and life goes by without giving it a second thought. What most people don’t realise, is that every year boiler servicing should be carried out. This should preferably by the Gas Safe engineer who installed it.

A boiler service is not the same as a safety check (which should also be carried out annually), they differ much like an MOT and a service you’d have on your car. One makes sure it’s working as it should, the other is more thorough and involves cleaning and replacing parts if needed. People also don’t realise that as part of their guarantee, or extended guarantee, it’s detailed that an annual service must be carried out in order for this to stay valid.

Who can Carry out a Boiler Service?

A plumber or boiler specialist engineer can visually inspect your boiler, but if your boiler is a gas powered system, you must use an accredited engineer who is listed on the Gas Safe Register.

It is a legal requirement for all gas qualified engineers to be on the Gas Safe Register. Who have to apply for renewal every year and have to retake qualifications every 5 years to keep up to date on best practice. It is imperative that you use a registered company, and not a handy-man for your service. Not only is it illegal for this to be carried out by unregistered engineers, it’s also highly dangerous.This can put you and your family, or your tenants if you’re a landlord, at risk. You can check the Gas Safe Register here.

At FixLink, Mark is Gas Safety registered. You can search for our company using our Register Number 590142.

What is Done During a Boiler Service?

Your Engineer will visit your home and carry out an initial visual inspection of your boiler. They’ll make sure that the boiler still meets the current day standards and requirements. They’ll check for any leaks or corrosion, and will check the flame of your boiler.

All components of your boiler will be checked to make sure everything is working as it should, and the engineer will clean the inside of the boiler. The checks the engineer carries out will include the Burner, the Spare Probe, the Heat Exchanger and the Main Injector.

The engineer will check the gas pressure, and ensure your boiler is working to the correct pressure.

The engineer will check the flue, to ensure there aren’t any obstructions in the terminals, and that it is safely fitted.

Your engineer will also check that your boiler fires up, to check for any working faults.

Before any paid repairs or replacements are carried out, your engineer will discuss any needs with you. In total, the service should take at least 30 minutes, but the time will vary depending on the type of boiler you have, the brand and the model. Once the service is complete, you’ll be given a detailed service report explaining what’s been done. If you’re not sure about anything on the report, or want to discuss what has taken place, ask your engineer to explain this to you in detail.

How Much Should my Boiler Service Cost?

Similar to car servicing, the price of a boiler service varies depends on the location, the type of boiler you have, and of course the make and model. Prices in more rural areas are likely to be lower than say for instance London. Rural areas can cost anywhere from £50-£180 average. London slightly more. You should also factor in the day of the week that you’re wanting the service carried out. Most engineers will charge a premium for weekend work, so to keep costs down, consider having this done in the week on a quieter day.

FixLink Boiler Servicing charges start from £70 + VAT and we cover Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Crowborough, Edenbridge and all surrounding in Kent and East Sussex.

Why Do I Need My Boiler Servicing?

It’s important to have your boiler serviced for many reasons, not only to prevent breakdowns of your boiler, but also the safety of your home. A service allows an engineer to identify any safety issues. Such as carbon monoxide leaks, which can be fatal if not detected.

Remember, carbon monoxide is odourless and tasteless, so chances are you won’t know it’s there unless you have an alarm, or a service carried out.

It also helps to reduce the longevity of your boiler to have it services, which in turn reduces costs for you too. Spotting potential faults before they happen can save you from hefty repair bills and stop you from having to endure a boiler breakdown. Making sure the components of your boiler are in the best condition can also ensure your boiler is delivering a higher level of efficiency for a longer period. As a boiler ages, like everything, they become less efficient causing them to use more fuel. Keeping it more efficient for a longer period can only save money.

To Conclude: The Guide to Boiler Servicing with FixLink

The best time of year to have a boiler serviced, is of course the summer. This is because you’re less reliant on the boiler in the summer months. It also means that your boiler will be ready to heat your home when the winter months finally arrive. It’s also a time of year that you’re more likely to get an engineers visit in without long waits. You should have these services carried out annually.

Get in touch with FixLink to book your boiler service today. Mark is a Gas Safe Registered Engineer who provides the best service and experience possible to all FixLink’s customers.